That Vince Young kid...he's a keeper
So maybe Florida (and Georgia as a critic pointed out) has some competition as being the hot schools for current and future Agents to attract amazing talent.

Florida currently has the #1 football recruiting class in the nation, finished the season AP #16, came in 2nd in the last College World Series, and is currently the 5th best (4th next week) basketball team in the country with an undefeated record.

But hook-em horns! Texas just won the BCS National Championship, beat Florida to become the champion of the College World Series, is currently the #15 basketball team in the nation and will move up after beating #4 Memphis (in Memphis), and is ranked #2 in the nation for next year’s college football recruiting class.

So basically, if you know you want to be a Sports Agent, but you are not sure what sport you want to focus on, or you want to spread yourself among the 3 major sports, you can make a pretty safe bet that you will find some good talent in Austin, Texas and Gainesville, Florida.

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