Come Back to Texas…

That Vince Young kid...he's a keeper
So maybe Florida (and Georgia as a critic pointed out) has some competition as being the hot schools for current and future Agents to attract amazing talent.

Florida currently has the #1 football recruiting class in the nation, finished the season AP #16, came in 2nd in the last College World Series, and is currently the 5th best (4th next week) basketball team in the country with an undefeated record.

But hook-em horns! Texas just won the BCS National Championship, beat Florida to become the champion of the College World Series, is currently the #15 basketball team in the nation and will move up after beating #4 Memphis (in Memphis), and is ranked #2 in the nation for next year’s college football recruiting class.

So basically, if you know you want to be a Sports Agent, but you are not sure what sport you want to focus on, or you want to spread yourself among the 3 major sports, you can make a pretty safe bet that you will find some good talent in Austin, Texas and Gainesville, Florida.

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  • Andrew

    Darren, you are definitely right that Florida is the hotbed for overall talent. I would be able to make a much better argument for Georgia here if our baseball team had not choked so dearly last spring. But in opinion it looks as if the big three for talent come from Florida, California, Texas, and then fourth would be the state of Georgia. I can definitely make an argument for the state of Georgia; hell I can make a strong argument for Gwinnett County (David Pollack, David Greene, Louis Williams, Jeff Francouer, Brian McCann, Jason Bulger, Chris Nelson, Brandon Moss, UGA’s basketball team, etc). GA is just a rising state on the talent hotbed, ready to challenge the big 3 for talent.

  • You have to also love the immense baseball talent that comes out of East Cobb (not sure if that is included in Gwinnett).

  • Andrew

    Yeah East Cobb generally has all of the great talent coming from the metro area, including Gwinnett.

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