Want to be an NBA agent?

A little bit of basketball background
Since we discussed the rules and regulations for NFL agents, it is only proper that we explore the other major professional leagues in America.

In order to represent a basketball player, a person must first become registered as an NBPA Player Agent. You must have a degree from a 4 year University or have “sufficient” negotiation experience to apply.

Once you become an NBPA Agent, you have to pay an annual fee no later than July 1st. There is also a mandatory seminar for agents each year (experienced agents may be given permission to not attend). Every player compensation agreement must be forwarded to the NBPA within 48 hours of when it was executed.

In the event that your client is signed to the league minimum, you will make $2,000 for that season. If the salary is above the minimum, the highest percentage that an agent may receive is 4% (includes signing bonuses).

Arbitration will be used in any disputes and the NBPA will choose who the Arbitrator will be in each case.

The entire NBPA Regulations document may be viewed here.
The NBPA Agent Certification Checklist is right here
and last…click here to download an NBPA Agent application.

Now go out and find yourself the next LeBron!

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