This cow will make one Romanian owner very happy!

Well okay, maybe a soccer player in Romania is worth 33lbs of meat…but that’s all! Nothing more! I found this great story from Darren Rovell’s blog:

Trade Bait

Everyone is abuzz around Bristol about this soccer player in Romania who was traded for 33 pounds of meat. As a frame of reference: In 1994, a CBA player named Edmond Wilson was traded from the Wichita Falls Texas to the Oklahoma City Cavalry for three sweatshirts and three jerseys.

I would never recommend a Sports Agent to create a deal like this for his/her client, but I think it would be funny to place a small clause in a contract negotiation that has some humor. Like let’s say Alex Rodriguez gets a new contract for $25 million per year, plus 5 happy meals on the team. Then again, I don’t know if he’s worth those 5 extra happy meals.

What’s next? A cricket player gets traded from India to China for General Tsao’s Chicken?

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