Where's my group?...Heitner's Hotties

This is absolutely great PR. Grady Sizemore, of the Cleveland Indians, has a huge following of ladies called “Grady’s Ladies.”

They have a website: The Grady’s Ladies Sisterhood.

In addition, the Cleveland Indians have made a lot of money selling “Mrs. Sizemore” t-shirts and benefitted from a 200% increase in female Indians game viewers last season.

I am going to give Mr. Sizmore’s agent an A+ in marketing Grady as a chick magnet and allowing the sale of such t-shirts. In fact, I would market him that way. It will not take away from his male following, and adds a huge dimension to his marketability by reaching the female demographic.

Thanks to Baseball Musings for introducing this topic to me so I could further research it.

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