mmm Dunkin Donuts is a tasty Franchise

So you hear about them all the time before the start of new NFL seasons, but do you actually know the definition of an NFL Franchise Tag? If not, this post should shed some light on the issue.

Each year, an NFL team may designate one of its impending Free Agent’s to be a “Franchise Player.” This applies to both UFAs (Unrestricted Free Agents) and RFAs (Restricted Free Agents).

If a team designates the Franchised Player as exclusive…
That team will be the only one which the player may negotiate and sign a contract.

If a team designates the Franchised Player as non-exclusive…
The player will be treated as an Unrestricted Free Agent and will be able to negotiate with any team. The reasoning behind the Franchise Tag is that in this case, the team who Franchised the player will receive two 1st round picks from the team who ends up acquiring such player.

If a Franchise Player signs with his former team, which must occur in an exclusive agreement, that player must receive a one-year contract that is no less than the average of the five highest paid players at his position in the previous year or 120% of the player’s previous year’s salary (whichever number is larger).

In addition, there is a short window where teams may add a Franchise Tag to one of its players. This year it was between February 8th and February 23rd.

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