While Jeff Chilcoat is the least acclaimed Sports Agent that I have covered so far, his story is one that all future and current agents should become aware of.

As President of Sterling Sports Management (I added their link to the list of Sports Agency sites today), Chilcoat never cared about gaining publicity. Instead, he cared about his clients (sometimes agents forget what the job truly entails). Sometimes the good guys truly end up winning. Jeff Chilcoat surely thinks that he has after signing international golf star Jeong Jang to Sterling Sports Management. His small agency in Colombus, Ohio now has the ability to represent one of the world’s best women golfers.

Chilcoat and his partners represent around 50 athletes in football and golf. He says that without the positive words that his first clients passed on to others about his practice, Sterling Sports Management would not be where it is today.

Referrals are vital in this business. It is all about landing your first client and then making sure that each one after that (including the first client) is treated with the best care so that your name will circulate among future potential clients.

Whether it is true or not, I love the paragraph on the bottom of Sterling’s website. It reads:

Each year, Sterling selectively represents only a few new clients. By limiting the number of new clients, Sterling Sports is able to provide a consistently high level of attention to each of its client athletes that often surprises our clients’ and surpasses their expectations.

A lot of Sports Agents should learn this very important lesson. It is not always about the amount of players that you can get under your belt, but instead, the amount of quality clients you can obtain. At the same time, it is important that you can devote enough time to each person that signs with you or your company. Do not just satisfy your clients, “surpass their expectations.”

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