As a contributing author I like to post about things that grab my attention and allow Darren to do the majority of the heavy lifting. This article by Jerry Crasnick at ESPN discusses “Stalking” in the Sports Agent business. There is a stereotype that those in this business lack ethics and this story brings it to the forefront:
The article states:

“The line between agents dispensing information and harassing players is more difficult to define. Client-stealing has become more of a hot topic in recent years, as some agents rush to negotiate substandard contracts for fear they’ll lose players to the competition and be left with no commission. “

Some aspiring agents wish to work for large firms, while others want to run their own business. The resources that large firms possess can certainly hobble the smaller agents. It is important to represent your clients interest above all else. I am a certainly a proponent of economic competition in this country, however, not to the extreme case where it turns into “stalking” clients. For those who want to run your own sports agency, be prepared for the larger firms to serenade your prospects.

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