The AFL, the other football league

One viable option for many years now is to send football players to NFL Europe. Another arena (pun intended) is the Arena Football League (AFL), which will be the option discussed in today’s post.

Some interesting notes that I made while reviewing the AFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement:

  • The AFLPA (players association) does not have an agent regulation system in place, but in the case that it does in the future, teams may not sign a player contract negotiated by an agent that is not certified by the AFLPA (Article VI)
  • The term of a player contract, plus the term of any option to extend such a contract, may not exceed 3 league years (Section 11 of Article XIV)
  • In 2006, the minimum player salary will be $1647 per game with a slight increase in future years (Section 1 of Article XXX)

The entire Collective Bargaining Agreement may be found here. The money is substantially less for players in the Arena Football League, but not everyone can make it into the NFL right out of college and sometimes players fall out of the NFL due to a lackluster performance. As an agent, it is likely that you may represent at least one client who will find himself in the AFL. It is important to be knowledgable in all areas where your clients may end up performing.

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