Will the draft be televised in the near future?While it is definitely not as exciting as the NBA or NFL live drafts, the MLB draft is chalk full of players that will be selected throughout today and tomorrow (June 6th-June 7th). As an intern at Career Sports & Entertainment last summer, I watched the entire draft, making sure that I was the first person to know where our clients were picked and then relay that information immediately to the company. In addition, it was important to follow the target teams that were labeled as likely to select CS&E’s clients.

MLB.com provides live draft coverage by video for free and also has a very informative draft tracker, which gives a description of each player as they are picked. Scouting videos are included on the draft tracker page.

The first overall pick was Luke Hochevar, Right Hand Pitcher originally from the University of Tennessee. He will be going to the Kansas City Royals.

A great way to gain an immense amount of knowledge about individual sports is by watching professional sports drafts.

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