American Airlines,, is taking advantage of their monopoly of the 2006 NBA Finals by claiming its “Home Court Advantage.” If you have not figured it out yet, or you just think that the Miami Heat still play in the Miami ArenaThe logo of the old (nonsponsored) Miami Arena, both Miami’s new arena that they currently play in and the arena that is home to the Dallas Mavericks are sponsored by American Airlines. The Dallas Mavericks play at American Airlines Center while the Miami Heat call their home American Airlines Arena. I like the sound of Triple A (American Airliens Arena) better and I am from Miami, so I am going to give the edge to the Heat in this series due to arena names alone. Plus, the reasoning for either the Dallas Mavericks or the Miami Heat to win in 6 games this series (why is no one picking either to win in 7?) has been very sub-par (sorry, B.J. Armstrong, you just are not cutting it).

Anyway, American Airlines is definitely taking advantage of the fact that it will maintain home-court advantage throughout the series, and so it should. At, American Airlines describes the different contests it is holding in addition to the plethora of giveaways at Heat and Mavericks games throughout the playoffs. Front Row Marketing Services exposed a Press Release on June 6th, which says that American Airlines should receive $9 million per game in branding exposure from its naming rights partnerships with both arenas. Not too shabby. I bet that American Airlines wants the analysts to be wrong, and for the series to go 7 games!

Now, all we need is for the Boston Celtics to play the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals next year for a truly great event: A TD Ameritrade Owned Eastern Conf. Finals! How exciting! Too bad we won’t see either team making it to the Eastern Conference Finals any time soon.

Update: According to the Houston Chronicle, American Airlines is paying $195 million over 30 years for the naming rights in Dallas and $42 million over 20 years for the naming rights in Miami.  Comparatively, Miami seems to be a bargain, or Dallas is extremely overpriced.
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