But has been very undervalued by many companies in the past. It's all in the shoeTake for instance the deal that he signed with Converse straight out of Marquette [Converse and Dwayne Wade]…come on Sports Business Radio…learn how to spell Dwyane! Anyway, Wade is only making $400,000 per year (only…ha) from his contract with Converse, which is now owned by Nike. The reason that $400,000 looks low is that Wade’s figure from Converse is worth only 3% of LeBron James’s deal yearly.

According to Darren (sweet name) Rovell of ESPN.com, 20,000+ Dwyane Wade jerseys have been sold in the last month [Wade and See]. He will also be on the next Wheaties box with Shaq daddy.

Besides Converse, what else is going on in Wade’s World outside of Wade County? Well Wade has been on the cover of the EA Sports NBA Live 2006 video game, he has been locked up by P. Diddy’s fashion line, Sean Jean, and happens to be listed as one of People’s 50 most beautiful people. But overall, the true endorsements that Wade is being paid money for is a slim list. Having such a small list of people to be “owned by” at an early age may have been a very smart move. Wade has had time to grow into a superstar athlete while the media paid too much attention to other players from his draft class such as Carmello Anthony (also a great player).

Wade and his agent were worried about overexposure and has wanted to make sure that his brand (his name) stays strong. I feel that this was an excellent move. D. Wade has joked, “I’ve been everywhere, so hopefully people don’t get tired of me yet. Because I’ve still got some more stuff to come out.” Well, son, you are now an NBA Finals MVP and you have led your team to an NBA Championship. Maybe now, we will start to see you break out of your shell and obtain some top dollar endorsements.

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