Nightmare Clients of the Week

Nightmare Clients for the Week of June 18th-June 25th

Let me see yo grillI had to bring this one to you all early again due to my departure tonight to Las Vegas once again for a little vacation. I will be back on Tuesday, so until then, enjoy this post, read over any that you’ve missed over the past month, and who knows, Nicholas may even provide a post in the meantime. It was not a bad week for individual athletes. Ozzie Guillen acted like a jerk, but you can’t expect much more out of such a class act [Guillen crosses line with latest slur]. Without any delay, here are your nightmare clients of the week:

1. Santonio Holmes

    I love a first-round wide-receiver with big potential in the National Football League. I hate it when such a talented receiver jeopardizes his future before playing a single game as a pro. Domestic violence by assault, assault, and maintaining an outstanding charge from a speeding accident that occurred a week ago…3 strikes buddy [Holmes could be in trouble with NFL]. Particularly, I do not really understand why the outstanding charge still exists, especially if he has a person or team representing him and making sure that his record is as clean as possible. At least Holmes has publicly appologized to the team. Because of his actions, however, many postulate that Santonio Holmes will not receive as lucrative of a first contract as others in his class and will see his signing bonus spread more throughout the various years of his contract than his draft-mates. Implications for Sports Agents: Public appologizes are important when your client screws up. If you have noticed (or actually not noticed), Holmes really has not received much press about his conviction. His team (Joel Segal as agent) has handled the situation well. At the same time, if you represent someone, make sure that his/her record is clear of any old charges. It is stupid to have those things linger around and then show up again if any criminal action does take place.

Like I said, slow week in the world of nightmare clients. That’s great news. Have a great weekend everyone, and I will be back on the scene blogging next week under the influence of Percocets after I get my wisdom teeth pulled. Should be an adventure!

Update: Before I was even able to get on the plane to fly over to Vegas, I get word that Brett Myers was upset about not being on this week’s column. So to get himself on-board, he decided to punch his wife outside of a bar in Boston last night [Brett Myers Punched His Wife In The Face]. What do you think he threatened to do if she didn’t pay the bail for his release?

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