Is The Best Yet to Come?

Mark Steinberg of IMG believes that Tiger Woods can still become a bigger star. He started working with Tiger Woods in 1998 (2 years into his professional career). Sports Business Radio did an interview with Tiger’s agent on August 26th, and here are some highlights of the conversation:

What makes Tiger so marketable? He plays an international sport, he’s in contention every week, good corporate sponsors that promote him (good image), well educated, great smile.

How many proposals does Tiger’s agent receive per day? A lot of media, marketing, & corporate function appearance proposals reach his desk each week. Thousands per year. Mark Steinberg looks to enter into partnerships, not contractual relationships. He makes sure that those partnerships include an area for Tiger to increase his global appeal and reach out to a broad array of demographics.

Why did Steinberg choose Buick as a sponsor? They came well prepared to their first meeting in Orlando, Fl. with 15 storyboards for commercials.

Whether you are an agent trying to land a client or a corporate entity trying to win some new talent for advertisements, it always helps to come prepared for meetings.

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