It all started with Doug Flutie, but then again, what good story does not begin with him? Kristen Kuliga can thank Flutie for helping her become the first and only women to represent an NFL player [Female agent to speak at Waterbury Forum]. Flutie can thank Kuliga for being the highest paid backup quarterback in the history of the NFL [Female agents a rarity in team sports]. Doug’s girl continues to be the only female agent (out of the 30 NFLPA registered women and 1,150 total registered representatives) to negotiate contracts for active NFL players.

Kuliga excelled as a student at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and then as a law school student at Suffolk University. She continues to give back to academia by serving as an Adjunct Professor of Sports Law at Suffolk University Law School.

Beyond the class room, Kristen Kuliga began her career in sports as General Counsel and Vice President of Athlete Marketing at the late Woolf Associates (notice Flutie’s name as a former client). After working at Woolf Associates, Kuliga founded K Sports & Entertainment, which was purchased by Paid, Inc. in 2004, but continues to exist as a co-entity. Kristen Kuliga remains as a personal agent for her NFL clients while acting as Vice President of Celebrity Services for Paid, Inc.

Boston, and the rest of the country, is recognizing Kristen Kuliga’s achievements. Kuliga has been named to The Boston Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 (out of 285+ nominated) for her work with K Sports, Paid Inc, and for offering free legal services to the homeless and underprivileged [The BBJ 40 Under 40: Women make their mark]. She is also a member of the National Sports Marketing Network’s Boston Chapter Steering Committee [NSMN].

It is hard to find anything that Kuliga is not involved in. She puts in about 60 hours of work per week into doing what she truly loves. One thing is certain: do not tell Kristen Kuliga that there is something that she cannot do, because she just may have to prove you wrong.

Here is a list of Kristen Kuliga’s current clients: Current NFL Players

-Darren Heitner