Danica Patrick has not yet won a single Indy Racing League event, but has received a new endorsement from GoDaddy.com [IRL Driver Danica Patrick Signs Sponsor deal with GoDaddy.com].

Here are some things that Danica had to say when she was introduced as GoDaddy.com’s spokesperson on Dec. 5 at Phoenix International Raceway:

“I’ve been a Go Daddy customer for a while and I’m thrilled to join the team.

I always knew Danica and I had something in common. Hell, I think I’ll sign an endorsement with every company whose products I use. Aquafresh, sign me up!

“It’ll be fun to be in a Go Daddy commercial and be a part of Go Daddy’s innovative marketing campaigns.”

It will definitely be fun, but I hope that by saying innovative, you really meant to say risque. Because if Danica Patrick decides to partake in one of GoDaddy’s feature spots during the Super Bowl, her image will definitely be changed forever (not sure whether it would be for the good or bad).

Either way, congrats to Danica for continuing to rack up sponsorships without really succeeding in her profession. This kind of reminds me of…oh yeah, Anna Kournikova.

This could be Ms. Patrick real soon: [-GoDaddy.com- – Google Video].

-Darren Heitner