First of all, I am back from Arizona, and I brought with me another National Championship! How about them Gators?

Now back to business. I will be going through all of the news that I missed over the past week for the next couple of days, and will post any new Sports Agent relevant issues that I come across.

Today, another new special column will be introduced to – I Want to be a Sports Agent. It will be titled Sports Agency Internships and will grow to be a huge database for people to find internships at a variety of agencies across the world. Thanks to Matthew Vukovich for the excellent idea. Sports Agency Internships is a very hot topic among readers, and this site hopes to become the first website to aggregate all available information regarding that part of the industry.

If you are an agent and have information about internship opportunities at your agency, please send it to

Enjoy the new feature: Sports Agency Internships