Earn it like Beckham

A milestone in sports today, and what other person would you expect it from than Mr. David Beckham. There has been speculation about his future at Real Madird for a while now, and he has always expressed interest in playing in America.

David Beckham will leave Real Madrid in June and join MLS team L.A. Galaxy. He will receive a staggering US$250 million over 5 seasons. This equates to roughly $1 million a week, which makes him the highest paid athlete in the world and dwarves the 10 year $252 million contract of A-Rod.

You have got to love the irony that David was signed as their marquee player (AKA the Beckham Rule). See Darren’s previous post for more on this.

Beckham isn’t just a player, but a brand. I believe L.A. Galaxy are on a good thing here. Attendances will be up, merchandise sales will grow and I am sure that Hollywood being in the vicinity was not just a coincidence.

– Chris Lesley

  • http://aspiringagent.blogspot.com Chad

    Tiger by far is the highest paid athlete in the world, just his nike contract alone is worth over 100mil a year.

  • http://aspiringagent.blogspot.com Chad

    my number was a bit off but i remember reading tiger bringing in over 100 mil last year… http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/11961246/ maybe that was for this year.

  • http://sportsagentblog.com Chris Lesley

    Yeah, I’m just going off what I’ve read but if you are talking about purely for his playing alone, I think Beckham is number 1.

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