Step aside Hee-Seop Choi and Byung-Hyun Kim and make way for Noh Jae-wook and Jan Jae-ho.

Choi and Kim are among the South Korean baseball players that are currently members of MLB teams. Noh Jae-wook and Jan Jae-ho are two South Koreans who hope to take over another American market: Video Gaming.

For a long time now, we here at have believed that Video Gaming would continue to pick up steam and prizes would continue to grow, increasing overall interest in the sport. While many people may think that such thoughts are ridiculous, do not mention it to Denmark-based gaming club Meet Your Maker (MYM).

As members of the G7, MYM is one of the main groups that has been creating the standards for player contracts. That’s right; legal bodies are being formed and teams are being created. Clubs and players are splitting salary dollars, paving the way for future collective bargaining agreements.

MYM has locked up Jae-wook and Jae-ho along with various other Korean players and hopes to continue to train and coach its members so that they may dominate the European and American markets. Anyone in America looking to challenge some of the overseas competitors? Possibly Team 3D.

-Darren Heitner