How To Handle Interview Questions

Keyshawn Johnson may be out of a job for now, but as far as his agent is concerned, he will be on the field this season.

There are already rumors abound that the Tennessee Titans and New York Giants are among the many teams interested in the recently cut Keyshawn Johnson. He is definitely a stud receiver, but as avid followers of the NFL know, “Me-Shawn” has not fit into any NFL team’s system in the past. One thing is certain, Keyshawn’s agent did a good job boosting his client’s image to potential suitors. Jerome Stanley, Keyshawn’s agent, told the media the vitals and nothing more. He noted that several teams have expressed interest (boosting value), would not disclose the teams (holding onto a bargaining chip), and was confident that his client “will be playing in the NFL next season.”

The media does not need to know anything more about the internal operations between Keyshawn’s agent and any teams interested in acquiring the new free-agent. By speaking to the media, however, I believe that Stanley only helped his client’s cause in finding a team and getting a more valuable contract. Moral of story: it definitely may help to speak to the media, but prepare your statements beforehand so that you do not reveal too much information. Anyone disagree?

-Darren Heitner

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  • I dont ‘know waht I would think if the Packers picked up Johnson. I’ve never been a fan but he’s an above-average player…or atleast was anyways. Who’s your fav. NFL team? Would you want them to pick of keyshawn?

  • Miami Dolphins. Our receiving core is not the best. Chambers and Ginn are afraid to cut through the middle, and we just lost Welker, who was good in the slot. I’d like to see if Keyshawn would fit in.

  • Why would Keyshawn want to play for the Titans. He should try to go to Pittsburgh, or any other team that has a legit shot of winning it all.

  • I agree that Keyshawn should try to go to a franchise that has the oppertunity to win a championship, but we are just not sure at this time who is interested. A player of Keyshawns ablility would be great for young Homles in Pittsburgh, but I do not see the Pittsburgh fans welcoming a “ME-SHAWN” right now because of the transition of coaches. A ego conflict between Johnston and Timmons could bring a solid Pittsburgh team to it’s knees.

  • He’d look good in purple…