There has been a lot of talk on Beckham over the site since his massive move to LA Galaxy. Talk has surrounded Beckham making a huge impact on the sport of soccer and lifting its profile through the US, but this may come sooner than expected. [Beckham sells for Galaxy]

The club’s owner, Tim Leiweke has stated:

“His signing created such a huge interest that we should be able to make good on our investment before he even arrives in California in July”

Beckham isn’t the only former European player to head to the MLS this year. Abel Xavier, a former Portugese international has also signed for LA Galaxy, making them a very strong side.

Robbie Fowler, the Liverpool great is also looking at playing the MLS next season.

This exposure should benefit every stakeholder in the league.

– Fans see better quality games.

– Crowds should rise making their clubs richer.

– Higher TV audience, enabling greater ad revenue and a higher price for the TV rights.

– More money in the league should lead to a larger salary cap, therefore distributing more money to players which in turn leads to…
more money for Agents!

Come on, when was too much money in sport ever a bad thing?

– Chris Lesley