Stand Up And Make Some Noise For Your Miami Heat

I know it may be hard to believe, but I actually hold enough knowledge about sports to write on topics other than sports agent related issues.  This morning, I was presented with the opportunity to write about one of my favorite teams, the Miami Heat, and I jumped on the request.

If you head over to Daily Basketball, you can find a draft preview that I wrote today as Steve Phillips and Karl Ravich were boring me to hell (this MLB Draft is rather painful to watch when it is slow…thankfully it will speed up once MLB TV regains control at 6PM).  The draft preview is on the Miami Heat, and while I am no draft expert, I think that I did enough research to at least have it make some sort of sense.

Well the Texas Rangers are about to pick.  Exciting times…

-Darren Heitner 

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  • Anton Miller

    They have to pick the best player available in my opinion. Hawes will certainly be gone by that point, he is not slipping past detroit at 15 and will surely be gone by even then. I dislike Splitter because even though he is 7 feet, he plays small and is not a good defensive player or rebounder. He is the anti-shaq, not a banger, not power game, hangs out on the perimeter. Furthermore there are contract issues, he may not be able to get out of his current contract situation with his club team. I would choose a point guard and wait on a center, Shaq is not quite finished yet, plus this draft is light on centers. Thus I would argue in favor of grabbing a point guard. The decision is between Crittendon, Law, and Pruitt. Alternately, they can explore the trade market.