Myron Bolitar is not your typical sports agent.  For one, he is not real.  He is a character created by author Harlan Coben.  Second of all, he is a former investigator, which makes for some interesting stories when there are murder cases to solve.  But you want to be a sports agent, why should you read about a fictional character?

I have a bunch of non-fiction sports agent books listed on the links tab located on the top menu of this site.  They are all great reads and I encourage that you read them all (if you have the time).  At the same time, I think that sometimes we can learn a lot about an industry from fiction books as well.  While Coben’s Myron Bolitar series is primarily a Mystery series, Coben still takes the reader into the life of a sports agent (Bolitar) and reveals a lot of the tasks that any sports agent would go through on a daily basis.

Not only are Coben’s books informative, but they are also great reads.  Until writing this post, I was not even aware that there are 7 books in the Myron Bolitar series.  I just finished his first one, Deal Breaker, and have begun reading the 2nd one, Drop Shot.  It happens to be great, relaxing summer reading.  I have added each book from the series to the links tab under the heading “Sports Agent Books.”  I suggest starting with Deal Breaker.

-Darren Heitner