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Michael Vick: Inmate 007

I see that there have been a few requests for the status of Michael Vick and his endorsement situation. Let me get that issue out of the way immediately. His latest shoe, the Nike Vick Zoom V, has been suspended, but at this moment Nike does not want to comment on the future of their endorsement contract.

I must admit that my writing may be controversial at times, but this issue should put me over the edge. At one time, Vick was a top 15 athlete in terms of marketability. It is a shame that those day are long over. When this all plays out, Vick will have NO endorsements. Give it a little time and Nike will have no choice but to drop Vick, just like Sprite, McDonalds, Nutella, and Adidas did to Kobe. Kobe got dropped by his endorsers, and at the time, he had a clean record and was eventually found not guilty. Vick has had a troubled past and this case looks like it can ruin the Michael Vick kingdom.

My thoughts on the topic: Vick is a sicko, his NFL career is coming to an end and anyone who thinks he is being treated unfairly is absolutely nuts. Let’s lay out just a few of the facts: It happened at a house he owned, there is proof that this heinous act absolutely did happen, and of the three men indicted, the man who lived in Vick’s house was not one of them (Davon Boddie). People not only fought these dogs to their death, but they tortured and murdered the dogs as well. Vick was absolutely involved. Whether he personally attended these brutal fights or just financed them, the blood is still on his hands. This event has changed the way I will look at Vick forever. I will never be a fan of him and in due time, he will get what he deserves

For those of you who think he may be treated unfairly so far (Editor’s Note: after all, he has only been indicted), please look deeper into the situation at hand. The man who lived in the house wasn’t indicted. Can someone say SNITCH? I understand the whole innocent until proven guilty factor, but if Roger Goddell is going to suspend Pacman, it is only right to do the same to Vick. This kind of reminds me of the O.J Simpson case. While Simpson was found innocent, the public found him guilty and his name has forever been ruined. I see the same happening to the name Michael Vick. His corporate sponsors should see it as well.

-Paul Schackman

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what is shameful is that you wouldn't have seen this type of attention for people that was killed, allegely raped. And you wonder what goes on in the mind of men that say that these type of dog are innocent. these dogs are born aggressive and it is documented that they have attack innocent kids,the postman and other innocent people. what is sick, is the love that people have for these dogs but how these dogs lover have a hatred for human beings. God created man in His own image and after His likeness. Then the bible tell us to love our neighbor and go as far as love our enemy. Mike was wrong on gambling on the fighting of dogs and the punishment that he recieved was ridiculous. most of white america is motivated from a racial prospective and some handkerchief head blacks want to appease the white establishment.

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