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When I created this blog on December 31, 2005, it looked like crap, had no readers, and had little content.  Not much has changed!

One of the original purposes of creating this site was to open up the sports agent industry for all to better understand.  I felt that part of accomplishing such a feat meant that it would be necessary to have the world’s first comprehensive list of sports agencies.  Thus, I spent time daily searching the web for agencies to add to the Links tab at the top menu.  I can proudly say that after a year and a half, we have collected quite a repository of links to sports agency sites.

But it was not enough.  Many readers have e-mailed myself and the other contributors with questions about internships.  So we made an Internships page.  Also, readers wanted a better agency list.  Instead of just alphabetizing the agencies, many of you asked for us to list them by state.  Paul Schackman took it upon himself to take our current database of agencies and create a document that does just that.  I have translated it to PHP and now you have a list of agencies separate from the other links on the Links tab.

Look up at the top of the page.  There is a new tab called Agencies. This will serve as the new listing for all sports agency sites.  If an agency has an office in a state, it should be listed under that state (thus, some agencies will be listed more than once).  The only way that we can boast to have the great database is if you, the reader, help us.

If you find a broken link, have a link to an agency that we have not listed, or have found an error, please e-mail one of us.  We all hope that you enjoy this new service.

-Darren Heitner

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  • Kam

    This site is not crap but indeed amazing as it has inspired me alot. Truly you guys have inspired me not only to become an agent but also you guys have taught me the purpose of learning the business, as there are alot of people coming to rip you off your hard earned money. I am boxing at a high level and hope to become pro in USA, I am from the U.K but when I do become pro I am going to manage myself or let you guys do it, as you guys are looking out for your client’s best interests. Peace.

  • Great job organizing the links, Paul. It’s amazing how little sports agent information there is on the internet. I know that this website has saved many people countless hours of research – one of the many reasons I am proud to be a contributor. I can confidently say that this website is the #1 resource for learning about the sports agency industry.

  • Please add my sports agency to your list of basketball agencies. The name of my agency is Crutchfield Sports Management

    • Will get on that right now. Thanks for the information.

  • Mr.Johnson

    Are these agents and agencies certified and is this a complete list of agents and agencies in USA