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Kudos, Schwartz and Feinsod

While I have recently been on the topic of rookies, agents, and rookie holdouts I think it would only be fair to mention the phenomenal job by Neil Schwartz and Jonathon Feinsod in getting the newest member of the New York Jets, Darelle Revis, a monster contract.

Darrelle Revis was the No. 14 overall pick in the draft. We’ve heard from league insiders on both sides of the fence — agents and management — who were skeptical about the terms of his recent contract.

Said one league insider on Friday:

“According to the numbers, he’ll be getting much more in every facet than Marshawn Lynch, the twelfth pick, who got a heck of a deal with Buffalo. According to your numbers, he’ll be getting $11 million guaranteed on a four year deal versus $10.285 million for Lynch on a five year. And if the Jets buy back years five and six he’ll get a total of $27 million guaranteed? No way it can be true. Maybe I’m wrong, but I doubt it. If your numbers are right, [G.M.] Mike Tannenbaum should be fired on the spot.” [REVIS NUMBERS ARE REAL, AND THEY’RE SPECTACULAR]

Oh, but the numbers are right.

As reported last Thursday, the base value of the package is six years, $32 million. The deal voids to four years, $16 million (with $11 million guaranteed, which includes his 2007 base salary) if Revis participates in at least 35 percent of the snaps on defense in any one season. The Jets can then buy back years five and six for $5 million and $11 million, respectively. The year-six pay can drop to $9 million or increase to $13 million or $15 million based primarily on playing time — but it apparently will require four Pro Bowl appearances in five years to get to the highest possible number in year six.

Said another league insider:

“So much for the Jets digging in their heels, having the player hold out, and letting the world know they weren’t going to do voidable years. Can you please tell me what was accomplished?”

Still, yet another league insider views it as a win-win, since the Jets will be paying huge money to Revis only if he becomes a star. And, if he does, the contract likely will be renegotiated after three or four NFL seasons.

“You pay for three positions,” said the source, “cornerback, left tackle, and quarterback. By getting the full six years, the Jets won’t have to franchise Revis and [left tackle D’Brickashaw] Ferguson in the same year. So if they both work out, they’ll be able to keep both of them for the long haul.”

Once again this is just another example of how a controversial rookie holdout turned into riches for yet another rookie: Darelle Revis.

-Paul Schackman

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