Does Michigan Have The Best Collegiate Hockey Program?

On August 27th, we wondered, Does UCLA Have The Best Collegiate Basketball Program?
On August 12th, we ran a similar story, highlighting college baseball programs. At that time, we asked, Does USC Have The Best Collegiate Baseball Program? has come out with some new stats for us to analyze, this time dealing with the world of hockey. So…

Are you a hockey player who has some talent and wants to go to a top college hockey program that will give you a good chance to make it to the NHL? Or are you an agent who wants to know which colleges produce the most NHL talent? Either way, there is an article that hopes to guide you in the right direction when it comes to scouting the most successful programs (in terms of having its players make the NHL). [Top 10: NHL Colleges]

Here is an abbreviated version…because we care about not straining your eyes.

  1. University of Michigan – 128 NHL draft picks.
  2. University of Minnesota – 159 NHL draft picks.
  3. Michigan State University – 83 NHL draft picks.
  4. Boston University – 56 NHL draft picks.
  5. University of Wisconsin – 49 NHL draft picks.
  6. Michigan Tech – 56 NHL draft picks.
  7. University of North Dakota – 47 NHL draft picks.
  8. University of Denver – 50 NHL draft picks.
  9. Boston College – 41 NHL draft picks.
  10. Colorado College – 38 NHL draft picks.

Personal Notes:

  • If you are a hockey player, you better seriously consider a move to Michigan. Three out of the top 10 schools listed above are within the state’s borders, and all are ranked in the top 6 (with University of Michigan being #1).
  • The University of Michigan may be off to a disappointing football season, but at least the school has something to rally behind (it will get awfully ugly if Michigan loses to Notre Dame this weekend). Trailing only the University of Minnesota in number of NHL drafted players, the University of Michigan will always be a strong athletic school in a variety of sports.
  • All of the top schools listed are located in the northern region of the United States. Better be able to handle cold weather…although as a hockey player, isn’t it assumed that you can?
  • Colleges ranked #6-10 (other than Boston College) are little known nationally, so you better be committed to being a professional hockey player…or really want to go to school in North Dakota…

What are your thoughts?

-Darren Heitner

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  • Drew

    The rankings look pretty good, at first I thought that the University of Minnesota was the best by a large margin but then I found that Michigan has 9 National Championships while Minnesota only has 5. I’m sure that was the main factor in pushing their program ahead. Those two schools are certainly the two best and the rest of the list was who I expected. On the agent side of things, if you are interested in hockey the college players here really aren’t even the main players you should be targeting in my opinion. There are numerous junior leagues around the country/world that produce more NHL players then colleges within the US. If you truly want to focus on college players though I would say the state of Minnesota is the best place to be located in and then the state of Michigan after that.

    • Kellybrennan

      Boston College is the best college program in America. By far

  • jason wulterkens

    Remember though, until very recently, Minnesota ONLY recruited in-state players!

  • mitch

    that is awesome

  • mitch

    what baseball team is going to make it to the world series this season

  • The big chill is going to break records in the amount of fans that will show up..

  • Marmalade Hockey

    I think Michigan is up there. But, as of late I’ve been impressed with Miami of Ohio’s collegiate program. We’ll see how they do this year. Have a look at my hockey blog on hockey skills, hockey tricks, and Pittsburgh hockey. Marmalade Hockey.