Leon Rose Outside Of The Office

You may know Leon Rose as the agent who represents former first overall pick, Andrea Bargnani. You may also know him as the guy who is now in charge of CAA’s basketball division. What you may not know is that Mr. Rose loves coaching youths from his hometown in basketball.

Leon Rose has been coaching the 14-and-under South Jersey Maccabi basketball team since 2003, and has loved every minute of it. As a former varsity basketball player at Dickinson College, Rose knows what he is doing on the court. In fact, this year, his Maccabi team won the gold medal in the annual worldwide challenge [S.J. sports agent leads kids to championship].

For my non-Jewish readers, this is kind of a big deal. Every year, the Maccabi games are held in a different locale. Young Jews from around the world come to show off their athletic talent at these games. One of the sports played is basketball. Rose’s team, which included his son, Sam, won the gold medal match against Manhattan, New York by a 33 point margin.

The prize for winning the competition (other than gold medals)? Segana Diop had to take the entire team out to dinner, after promising a dinner on the house if they took home gold. I am sure that he treated them to something a little better than McDonalds.

-Darren Heitner

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  • Derek Chaiken

    Jewish kids winning Basketball tournaments!?!?

    Must be a sign of the new year 🙂

  • Andrea Nelson

    Leon Rose, Allen Iverson: Please, please go to the front office and get Allen Iverson on the Lakers team. Allen would not mind coming off the bench for the Lakers–I am sure he just wants to win. I will almost guarantee with Allen they will for sure win at least two more back-to-back championships, I do not know him, he does not know me, I am just a true Michael Jordan/Phil Jackson/Kobe Bryant/Allen Iverson Fan; if they were in Timbuktu I would follow them. Please do not let a valuable player like Allen just be shuffled out of the league. Be upfront with him and let him know he will have to come off the bench, but PLEASE, PLEASE take him tothe Lakers. I have my own serious problems, but here I am rooting for a person who has millions and doesn’t care whether I eat or die. But for the sake of a good time in life following the NBA, I think he would add that extra ump to the Lakers. Allen would understand that it is Kobe’s team. JUST DO IT. GET HIM WITH THE LAKERS! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!

    I do not know how many people I have to send this message to, but I will keep sending until someone listen.