Fantasy Sports

New Age of Fantasy Sports

Mark Edelman is a prestigious attorney in the state of New York, a professor in the Manhattanville College sports business management program, and now he is revolutionizing the fantasy sports world as we know it.

Mr. Edelman has worked and been around sports for many years, whether it be as a fan or working on the legal side of the business. Recently he combined his love for fantasy sports with his vast legal knowledge, with the creation of

The site is dedicated to arbitrating fantasy conflicts, whether is be a trade dispute, free agent dispute, or a rule change. Fantasy sports has become a multi-million dollar business and this site not only makes fantasy sports fair, but also adds fair justification to whatever problems may exist in your given fantasy league. Recently has reached agreement with to serve as its Official Fantasy Football League Arbitrator, effective immediately. has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Jacksonville Times-Union, Kansas City Star and New York Daily News. was also recently named by Sporting News as one of “7 Things to Make you an Instant Expert in Sports.”

Fantasy sports has come a long way since its initial release, and combining fantasy sports with the intricacies of the law will revolutionize the way fantasy sports will be played forever.

-Paul Schackman