Apologies for the delay in The Wash Up this week, Melbourne Cup fever has taken over my town.

– Rory Sabbatini is getting paid US$200,000 to appear at the Coolum Masters in Australia later this year, and local golfers aren’t too happy. In fact, Robert Allenby has pulled out but denies this issue is the reason. [Aussies threaten Coolum boycott] Adam Scott is also receiving a fee.

– British Sports Minister Gerry Sutcliffe has branded the wages by some of the Premier League’s top footballers obscene. Chelsea manager Avram Grant has defended the accusations saying his star defender John Terry is worth every cent of the reported 130,000 pounds (about US$270,000) a week that he earns. [Grant defends Terry’s ‘obscene’ salary]

– So what’s it gonna take to land A-Rod at your team? Well David Pinto has done a very good analysis using a distinct indicator. The ‘VORP’, which stands for ‘Value of Replacement Player’ can be used by assessing the current pool of free agents. [Eight years, $216 million should suffice for A-Rod] The value of A-Rod works out to be about what he is on now. But it’s not about the value, it’s about what teams are willing to pay. If more teams enter the race, his price will go up, and vice-versa. $30 million a year from the Yankees didn’t sign him so maybe it’s not all about the money?

– Turning attention back to golf…a record 97 players on the PGA tour have currently made over $1 million for the season. Pity for Sports Agents that they don’t get a cut of it! With the final event of the season this week, will the number rise over 100? [Will 100 Eclipse $1 million?] Not to mention 32 have crossed $2 million.

– Chris Lesley