We enjoyed Champaign, Illinois last week. Nothing like being in a town when its team unpredictably knocks off the #1 team in the nation. Unfortunately this week’s Friday Wrap-Up comes to you back from Gainesville, FL, where I am beginning to fret about first semester Law School finals.

  • Dwyane Wade has signed with William Morris Agency for marketing and entertainment purposes. Thumbs up for WMA. Thumbs down for CSMG, which seems to be losing influence in the industry daily [Dwyane Wade signs with William Morris].
  • Dale Earnhardt is not as pretty as Michelle Wie, but they are similar in the fact that they both scored huge marketing deals at a young age and have yet to prove themselves in their respective sports [Dale Earnhardt: Not “Earnhing” Much, Is He?].
  • Baseball revenue in 2006/07 season = $6.075 billion…and there’s no reason to believe it will not continue to grow. Bring that stat up in your next MLB client’s contractual negotiation! [Selig sees bright financial future for baseball].
  • The face of the Yankees, Derek Jeter, has not been able to have his reputation ruined by Scott Boras (he is represented by CAA, instead), but may still be in some trouble. The state of New York is trying to get potentially millions of tax dollars from him for claiming residency in Florida while the Empire State claims his formal home has been New York [New York Tax Officials: Yankees Star Derek Jeter Is No Floridian].

And now a call for emails. As much as I hate crowding my inbox even more, I have donated a post on I Want to be a Sports Agent for the next edition of Sports Business Carnival coming up this Monday (in clearer English, that means this site will be hosting the next edition). If you have a blog that has any recent posts about the business of sports or surf the web and come across a good post, email it to me by Sunday night.

-Darren Heitner