It’s my last Friday Wrap-Up before first year, first semester, law school finals begin. Some days I wake up and freak out about how little I am preparing compared to my colleagues. Other times, I feel fairly confident. Anyway, if my posting slows down in the next couple weeks, don’t hold it against me. I’m just trying to keep my scholarship! Now for the news that I unfortunately was not able to cover during the week:

  • Emmitt Smith and his wife, Pat, have signed with IMG for broadcasting, speaking, licensing, marketing and branding [Athlete Spotlight Opportunity: Dancing With The Stars]. IMG’s first task should be to make Emmitt more bearable to watch as a TV analyst.
  • Great new blog written by Joe Favorito called, Sports Marketing and PR Roundup. Through one of the posts, I was able to find out some good motor sports information. Learn more about some major points from the recently held, 8th Annual Motorsports Marketing Forum in New York [Motorsports Seeks Ways To Grow Base, Focus On Drivers].
  • Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports came out with the most logical college football playoff format I have seen yet [The Wetzel plan].  Unfortunately, I am a firm believer that the BCS system will stick for a variety of reasons.  #1 reason = travel.  How many Iowa fans want to/can afford to travel to 3 different locals before seeing their team in the final game?…like Iowa would make it anyway…
  • WMG will manage global marketing opportunities for new energy drink brand, Fusion(TM) [Bond Laboratories Selects Wasserman Media Group].
  • Bryan Lourd, co-head of CAA, has been appointed by a slew of agents to mediate between Hollywood writers and producers/actors [Uber-Agent Lourd Quietly Takes Center Stage in Writer’s Strike Talks].  Maybe next time there is a players strike or owner lockout, an agent will be able to step in and help resolve any conflicts.

That is it for now.  I will be off studying Torts for the rest of the day.  As always, feel free to drop me a line, or leave some comments on the posts or at the forum.

-Darren Heitner