Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up

Jason Wulterkens’ most recent Primary Cut is the featured post of the week. Check it out on the right sidebar under Featured.

I am done with my first semester of law school and will be driving back home to Hollywood, FL today, where I will spend the next three weeks.  I have a few books to read and review, so expect some Book Review posts in the near future.

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  • Hello my name is Antonio Cannon, I will start my first semester in the business major. I really want to get my internship on a start. I have a interest in sports always did. I really want to get involve with sports management I really need your help if you can give me a call at 708 261 4641 I really would like that.

  • Antonio-

    See the Internship page or apply for Dynasty’s internship. Dynasty is accepting applications until Monday, so do not stall.