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Alex Speaks!

Nothing made me happier than seeing Alex Rodriguez stand up for himself and stick it to Boras on national television Sunday night. For years, Alex has been a magnet for criticism. A lot of that criticism was from ridiculous things he said and did, but some of the blame can also lie with his agent, Scott Boras.

Scott Boras does not always have the best interest of his clients in mind. This has been exposed with both Rodriguez and Kenny Rogers. Boras is a money hungry agent and it cost him two very big clients. The World Series debacle was one that could have been prevented and brought a ton of scrutiny towards Alex. The whole thing occurred and it was completely out of Alex’s control. For a guy like Scott Boras who is known as the best of the best to make a mistake of that magnitude is unacceptable.

It was a bold move for Alex to take the situation into his own hands and try to fix this mess. Boras was clearly looking for the most money and I wouldn’t be surprised if Boras mislead A-Rod by suggesting the Yankees were just bluffing. As an agent you have to read situations like that.

Rodriguez knew things were going downhill and his chances to remain in pinstripes were dying by the day. He felt that the remedy to this situation was to cut ties with the much maligned agent and contact the Yankees himself. Alex was able to negotiate a new 10 year deal and broke his own record with the largest contract ever in the process. The Yankees got what they wanted and Alex Rodriguez got what he wanted; it was the perfect compromise. This should be a message to all agents to forget about yourself and your commission and focus on what really matters: your client. Sorry Scott.

On the flip side of things, how great would it be if this non-speaking situation was all a plan devised by Boras to make Alex look like the good guy, and Boras the villain?

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Maybe I’m too cynical but yeah, what better way for Alex to get back into good graces with the fans and media than to make it appear like he’s scolding Boras and giving him the silent treatment? I think it’s all orchestrated.

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