Two Days In April, Two Years Ago

Two Days in AprilI finally watched the movie We Are Marshall on Christmas Day, and I have to say that it was one of the best football movies I have seen.  I am now hungry for a new, exciting football movie to be released.  I may get that wish in 2008, when producers hope that Two Days in April is available for purchase on DVD.

Current CAA agent, Tom Condon, pitched the idea for Two Days in April.  The movie follows a few of his clients as they ready themselves for the 2006 NFL Draft.  The NFL Draft has become quite a spectacle, with coverage for the 2009 draft starting while the 2008 draft will be going on.  People all across the world tune in to the long, drawn out event that features names like Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay.

Interestingly, it seems that Two Days in April will cover a lot of topics that the recently reviewed book, Game Time, focused on.  The Senior Bowl, combines, team work outs, etc. are to be shown much in the same way that Ted Kluck wrote about them.

Condon’s incentive for pushing the pitch?  It would be an “incredible marketing tool”, of course [Lights, camera …].  This “marketing tool” has gone through a lot of crap so far.  Many of Condon’s clients felt uncomfortable in the making of the movie, leaving producers with players like Derek Hagan, Travis Wilson, Clint Ingram, and DonTrell Moore to film.  The NFL did not want to release combine footage.  Condon switched from IMG to CAA…but luckily, IMG signed off on allowing the project to continue.

It seemed like the movie would survive and potentially be a DVD hit until Condon abruptly decided against appearing on the film and withheld his right of final artistic sign-off.  Originally, Condon thought this movie would be an “incredible marketing tool.”  Now he was afraid that other agents would use it against him to their marketing benefit.  Condon still has a lawsuit pending against him on four different grounds based on his actions in stalling the film’s release.

I know that the movie may be out of date (it is based on the 2006 NFL Draft) and covers athletes that are not at the top of their class, but I personally cannot wait to see it.  I am interested to see how this movie that has jumped through ten thousand hoops turns out looking on my HD TV.

The movie’s website: Two Days in April | Home.

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  • Dave

    Perhaps one reason that Condon pulled out is that 3 of the 4 players profiled in the movie went in the 3rd round and the 4th went undrafted. Not a track record that an agent wants to be tied to.

    The movie would have been improved by having a 1st rounder, but the movie is (sadly) at its best when it shows the heartbreak of DonTrell Moore (and many hangers-on) sitting thru 2 days of draft only to end up emptyhanded. For every big-name draftee, there are hundreds of guys for whom the draft signals a very harsh end of the line.