Turns 2 Years Old

It is hard to believe that it has been already two years of blogging from this platform. Time sure has flown by. Recently, Matthew Vuckovich sent me the very first post from this blog and it was hard to not get chills thinking about how this whole site started up. Believe me, I realize that this site is not a foundation of sports journalism or looked at as a preeminent site for sports news, but we have a strong readership and I have even been able to start up a successful sports agency based on this site’s creation…not too bad. originally began at (the address now redirects to and looked extremely basic. There was one writer (me) and 20 unique visits a day if I was lucky. We now have ten awesome writers and usually receive above 600 unique visitors per day (December is notoriously a slower month). In fact, as of writing this post, has received exactly 188,600 unique visitors and 409,584 in 2 years of life. Compare this number to the mere 21,102 unique visits and 43,078 page views that had been accumulated after our first birthday.  That amounts to a 894% rise in unique visitors and a 951% increase in page views from year 1 to year 2 of life (100% would have been normal if the first year’s trend were to have continued).  Google gives us a PageRank of 5 and we are at the top of searches for queries like, “sports agent“. I even get paid a few dollars to write about my profession and the industry that I love.

Two years have passed, and the blog is stronger than ever. Let’s hope we do not suffer any problems in our troublesome twos.  And now, I want to look back to that first post and ask you all if you think that I have remained true to my mission for this blog:

It is exciting just thinking about the possibilities of what this may become. No longer should we lock up the information of the Sports Agent business for one group to sell courses on it at a crazy price. Let us re-define the world of Sports Agents and let information reign.

Forget all the Testimonials that praise this site.  Have I done a good job so far?If you are a reader of this site, I have a few things that I ask of you as we move on together into 2008:

  1. Start leaving more comments on posts.  I want the discussion to increase on this site.
  2. Subscribe via RSS or via Email.
  3. Make this blog one of your favorites on Technorati.
  4. And finally, make this site yours.  Tell others about it, send us tips, send other sites tips about a noteworthy post, and continue to leave feedback on how we can make this site better in 2008.


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  • Lachlan

    Congratulations Darren, the site has come a long way!

  • gloria

    This started out as a phenomenal website, but it just gets better and better. Kudos to the contributors who make the articles informative and interesting. Keep up the good work.

  • Congratulations on the success. Heres hoping that you surpass 1k a day by next year.