I am almost recovered from Las Vegas. I know that what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay there, but I do not like to live by the rules. If we are Facebook friends, make sure to check out some of the pictures. A couple of bachelor parties and business deals later, I am now struggling to get back on track with my law school classes and sports news reading. Good news is that I found out my first semester grades and I am happy to say that I will retain my scholarship. Anyway, here are the myriad of links that I was not able to get to this past week:

  • Over 75 million people call themselves fans and it makes more than $380 million yearly in revenue, but NASCAR still has major issues with race intolerance that it may have to quickly confront if it wishes to continue to grow [Nascar’s Race Problem].
  • The Cleveland Indians organization hired IMG to find a new naming rights partner for its stadium. They found a new sponsor, but IMG played absolutely no rule in the acquisition [Indians get Progressive].
  • Successful and sexy tennis star, Ana Ivanovic, has only one thing in common with SportsAgentBlog.com contributor and my partner at Dynasty Athlete Representation, Matthew Vuckovich: they are both Serbian. Anyway, she just signed a 4-year deal with Yonex tennis rackets that could be worth more than $10 million based on ranking bonuses [Ana Ivanovic (My Favorite) Signs With Yonex].
  • So far in this young NBA season, Kevin Garnett is the top selling jersey and the Boston Celtics have had more jerseys sold than any other team [Kevin Garnett Tops NBA Jersey Sales].
  • The guy who runs a site called Tailgating Ideas is pretty pissed off about his inability to tailgate at the Super Bowl and wants you to sign his petition to lift the ban [Help Restore Super Bowl Tailgating].
  • Joe Favorito has some tips for those of you looking to break into the sports business [Gettin A Job…].
  • Dunkin’ Donuts and Bank of America are looking to entrench their brands in the world of sports [Teaming up with sports].
  • A backup DE for the NY Giants just received a $30 million in a 5-year contract extension. He put up very impressive numbers this year, and you have to hand his agent some props on a timely negotiation [Giants agree with DE Tuck on $30 million extension].
  • Matt Holiday went from making $4.4 million last year to $9.5 million this year and $13.5 million the year after [Holliday avoids arbitration, agrees for two years, $23 million].

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