The Wash Up

The Wash Up: 4th February – 11th February

Aussies want more per wicket

Playing in the IPL is not the only potential crisis Cricket Australia (CA) has with their players.  Last week it was reported that the Australian Cricket players are now looking for a larger share of revenue. [Stars want bigger slice of the pie]

Currently the players receive 25% of the total revenues of Cricket Australia. The cricketers are already on a good wicket, with the minimum CA contracted player on $160,000 before match payments.

What the Australian Cricketers Association is now doing is reviewing the financials of Cricket Australia to see if the percentage can be improved.

IPL Update

An update on the happenings on the newly created 20/20 Indian Premier League:

– The players auction will be held on February 20, with teams bidding for the nominated players. The salary cap has been set at a minimum of US$3 million and a maximum of US$5 million. [IPL players’ auction to be held on February 20]

– Channel 10 in Australia has paid $15 million to show every match live on their regular and HD channels for the next 5 years. [Australia to get lvie coverage of IPL]

– The IPL will go ahead without the Aussies. They have given the players till Sunday to sign, or they face not being able to play for three years. This stipulation will play with the minds of the cricketers who may feel they only have a year or two left, and are not guaranteed a place. [Sign by Sunday or stay out, IPL tells Australians]

Odd Transfer

An interesting transfer deal finally concluded last week.

Andrew Webster was playing soccer for Scottish club Hearts when he wanted to transfer to English team Wigan. He penned a deal with Wigan, depsite still having a year left to run on his contract Andrew found a loophole by applying FIFA’s Article 17 which allows the termination of a contract with just cause. [End of Transfer fee?]

Article 17 allows a player to cancel his contract in the third year, and move to another club in a foreign country with giving sufficient notice to his club. [Andy Webster] Between the ages of 23 and 28, player contracts are protected up to three years. ‘Sufficient’ is reported to be 15 days.

Hearts were not happy, and took the case to court, claiming a £5 million transfer fee, the players worth. The outcome? Hearts received only £150,000. This was the amount left on his contract.

This outcome may have repercussions on the soccer transfer industry. What it has effectively said is that the player’s worth can be determined by the renumeration they are to receive, and not what the club is willing to pay.

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I think the IPL is going to revolutionise Cricket the same way World Series (One Day) Cricket did. Everyone is really excited about it, and alot of money and resources have been pooled into it. India is the best place to host it, as they are the largest populated cricket dominant nation.

The amount players can earn, reportedly upto $500,000 for a month is too tempting not for players to join.

20/20 is drawing huge crowds, with the latest match between India and Australia selling out the MCG, the first time the MCG had been sold out for cricket in a long time.

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