I am not a big fan of the NFL combine or the major press coverage that it draws. I personally think that the event over-hypes certain athletes because they basically test well in a fake, determined atmosphere. I liken it to an Ivy League school accepting a student who was middle of the pack throughout high school, but did amazing on her SAT. But until teams stop placing heavy value on the combine and while the NFL Network continues to air every second from Indianapolis in February every year, I will deal with the extended media hype and push my future NFL clients to perform their best at the event.

That being said, there was one story that stuck out among the plethora of combine write-ups. It was published by Nancy Gay in the San Francisco Chronicle. She wrote about a guy named Jason Dillon Dillard, who runs his company Signature Sports Reps, LLC out of SacramentSignature Sports Repso, California. Jason has a beautifully decorated website, but that has not yet translated into him gaining any big name clients. That may soon change once players start to notice his drive and innovative thinking. Instead of just hanging in the background, hoping that a team somehow finds out about his clients who were not invited to this year’s NFL combine, Jason showed up to the RCA dome and handed out shirts that said, “MISSING: Roy Lewis – Univ. of Washington; Mil’von James – UNLV; Damon Jenkins – Fresno St.; Clifton Smith – Fresno St.”, the names of his clients who received no combine love.

Now he has his his clients highlighted in a nationally respected newspaper:

Jenkins is a De La Salle product who had a 56-yard interception return for a touchdown against Boise St. in 2006. Lewis transferred from San Jose State, started 25 consecutive Pac 10 games and became a team captain for the Huskies. Smith was a premier punt returner in the WAC. James is a solid free safety.

If any of the four guys get selected in this year’s draft, it will surely be due to their agent’s push to get them extra publicity. Well done, sir.