Carmelo Anthony Wants You To Be His Marketing Agent

Push the Carmelo

Well not really, but Anthony is shopping for a new (wo)man to find his next endorsement opportunity. According to the Rocky Mountain News, Melo is no longer using the marketing and PR services of BDA Sports Management. No word on what went wrong in the relationship, only that Melo is excited to find a new team to take his marketing to the next level. Anthony will still retain BDA to handle his contractual negotiations with NBA organizations.

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  • If Melo can continue to contribute to the Nuggets putting up 168 points in winning efforts, he may need to hire 5 Marketing Agents to handle all the corporations that will be knocking on his door.

  • stevep

    He might want to make the playoffs first though…

  • Here is someone else that should start to take applications for an agent:

  • ‘Melo could get more endorsements if he would embrace the NBA dress code and cut off his braids. lol Now I sound like my old basketball coaches. Forget assimilation and keep doing YOUR thing Carmelo.