Matt StoverGene UpshawMaybe not crisis, but the NFL and the NFLPA better get their act together before the major press entities start uncovering more information about what is going on behind the scenes of American football. Let’s start with the internal union issue.

Gene Upshaw has always had his critics. Many think that he does not do enough to ensure fair compensation for retired players. Others think that he has been stubborn and not promoted policies to allow for greater care of players on the field, where they are prone to massive concussions. Whatever your beef may be with Mr. Upshaw, it seems like he is on his way out. But should the public really be gaining this information via the Baltimore Ravens place-kicker? Not only that, but Kevin Mawae, the new active-players leader, refuted Stover’s letter, saying that there are no plans to replace Upshaw. More disagreement followed when Brian Dawkins seemed to back the idea that there is currently a search for Upshaw’s replacement. What does a PR expert like my pal Joe Favorito think about that? This should all be happening behind the scenes. Honestly, you and I should not have any idea that any of these talks were going on unless we represented one of the players involved in the decision making process.

Now might not be the best timing for such information, either. I cannot believe that news of a possible Upshaw ouster can help the recent press about the NFL possibly heading toward a lockout at the end of the 2010 season. 130 NFLPA registered agents have been formally warned that the CBA may end two years early, with the possibility that it won’t be renewed or replaced in time for the 2011 season. It would also make the 2010 season an uncapped year. Hear that? No salary cap in 2010. It’s not official yet, but agents need to be kept on guard that talks are going on behind the scenes.

Problems with unity within the players’ union and the possibility of a lockout coming out at the same time. What’s going on with America’s sport?