Derrick Rose / Leon RoseDarren Rovell reports that Memphis standout Freshman guard, Derrick Rose, will sign with WMG agent, Arn Tellem. I recently discussed that NBA Early Entries will start to select agents right about now, and if Rose officially picks Tellem for representation, he will not disappoint. Well, at least he won’t disappoint me. I never thought that I had a chance at landing Derrick, but another Rose may be upset that he won’t be raking any commission off of the top 5 pick in this year’s draft.

On the day of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game, I hypothesized which Kansas and Memphis players would sign with which agents. Based on the fact that no particular agent has had a grasp on the Memphis Tigers program in the recent past coupled with William Wesley’s deep connections with John Calipari, Derrick Rose, and agent, Leon Rose, it seemed like Derrick was destined to go with Leon and his agency, CAA. If Darren Rovell’s report is correct, then I am a little shocked. Leon Rose could still end up scoring Chris Douglas-Roberts, but I imagine that he had his sights first-and-foremost on the kid who he shares a last name with.

On a side-note, I have to disagree with Rovell about something. I don’t think Derrick Rose, with all of his talent, ends up being the #1 pick. The #1 pick will be Michael Beasley, case closed.