• dunkonyou31

    bowlers and models? is der a conection that i aint seein? is this supposed to be tha new caa or somethin? what is this all about? is this site even real? it kinda look fake. where ur offices at? you currently rep any hoopstas?

  • Good luck trying to find a connection between bowlers and models. I tried to come up with something funny, but it just wasn’t working. No plans on making Dynasty like CAA. In fact, our mission is to be different from all other agencies. Our business plan reflects that. At the same time, we will not pass up on an opportunity that looks promising. Starting the Entertainment division was something that we could not pass up.

    The site fake? What does that even mean? Dynasty’s listed office address is in Hollywood, FL. If you have any concerns, you can find out all of our LLC’s information from the State of Florida.

    And no hoopstas…yet.