IMGWhile agencies like BDA, WMG, and CAA are busy trying to make a splash in the 2008 NBA Draft, IMG wants absolutely none of it. The one-time leader of the pack in terms of team-sports representation has dropped that title in favor of dedicating more effort on other parts of its business. IMG’s two newest clients have nothing to do with basketball, but the news will make a splash in another pond.

If there is one music artist who breaks all barriers and has followers in every type of American sub-culture, I would have to say that man is Justin Timberlake. Girls love him, guys admire him, and teenagers swoon over him. The guy has some luck too. He ended his relationship with Brittney Spears just in time. IMG is hoping that it will be starting its relationship with Mr. Timberlake well after he has rebounded from that rough experience. That’s because IMG will represent Justin Timberlake in all of his potential endorsement opportunities worldwide. Included in that package is aiding the development of Timberlake’s charity golf tournament in Las Vegas (hopefully Pacman is far away) and the creation of a golf course in Timberlake’s home of Memphis, Tennessee.

If Justin Timberlake has one crowd that may not favor his music genre, I would guess that it is the motor racing groupies. They like their tractors and they want ’em sexy. That being said, IMG loves that niche as well. In fact, the NHRA, the world’s largest motorsport organization, has signed on with IMG to have the conglomerate handle its sponsorship opportunities, brand analysis, and to provide recommendations on how to enhance the sales, marketing and branding efforts of the NHRA.

J.T. and NHRA, welcome to IMG.