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Dynasty’s Summer Intern Class Has Been Selected

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The emails have been delivered, and just like last time, it is very tough for me to look back at some of the names of the people who unfortunately will not be able to become part of the Dynasty family at this time. Last time around, I only had to deal with calling five candidates in round two. This year, the number was in the double digits. In the end, I went against my initial word and decided on selecting three individuals instead of two. The following names will make up Dynasty’s second internship class and its first Summer Class: Justin Herzin, Matt Von Tungeln, and Usama Mirza.

My house is a mess and I am completely drained. Resumes, cover letters, and personal notes on each candidate line my living room floor, and after over three hours of interviewing candidates, I am ready to pass out. Overall, it was an amazing experience talking to each individual. I am thankful to each one of you for taking the time out of your day to participate in the interview and wish you all the best this summer and into the future. It was honestly my privilege to have the opportunity to potentially have you working with my company this summer. Not being selected is definitely no indicator of a lack of potential. In fact, somebody who was not selected in this class may have an opportunity in a future class.

So how about the three gentlemen that were selected (ladies…send in those applications!)? Talk about a diverse group of guys. Here are short bios:

Justin Herzig is an undergraduate at Wake Forest University. His athletic background consists of being a tennis player and instructor. He also has actual experience in this industry, working as an intern and then an associate with an agency that represents international soccer players. Justin is technologically savvy and excelled in competitive debate.

Matt Von Tungeln is far from your stereotypical agent. An Oklahoma boy born and raised, Matt has a Bachelors degree from Oklahoma State University and is currently a law school student at the University of Oklahoma. He is a former AAU and college basketball player.

Usama Mirza has not done a single task yet and he already bleeds Dynasty’s green and gold. He is proof that determination and persistence can lead to a position in this industry. Usama is an undergraduate student at Chabot College in Hayward, California and brings along a ton of experience in working sales for a variety of different companies.

It is going to be quite a summer. I cannot wait let this great group of gentlemen enter Dynasty’s world.

By Darren Heitner

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