Take a quick look at recent interviews conducted with some of the most prominent members in the sports agent industry. Leigh Steinberg and David Falk have shown deep concern with the direction that our profession is going. In an effort to turn around some of the reverse evolution that Falk speaks of, the NBAPA proclaimed that it will finally start enforcing its regulations. Implementing regulations and actually enforcing them? Novel idea!

According to an inflexible memo sent out by Billy Hunter, the Player’ Association plans to crack down on agents (like [Keith] Glass) who represent players and coaches; the union forbids doing both, but has overlooked the conflict of interest for 20 years or more. Those days are over, warned Hunter.

This is all very promising; however, I will believe it when I see it. Kudos to Hunter if he follows through with the inflexible memo.

Hat tip to Joshua Golka at Athlete Agent/Sports Agent Regulation for the link to the NY Post report.