Review of DigitalSports

Sponsored Post: is a local sports media company that will aim to cater to a national audience. For now, the service is limited to Hawaii, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, and Washington D.C.

No matter what state you live in, at you can access information about local High School and Club Sports & Activities. Information is not only supplied by the people who designed the website; users generate content by sharing accomplishments of those that participate in youth sports in their communities. The goal of is threefold: inform, entertain, and inspire, all while solely focusing on the positives of child athletes and hashing out any negatives that may occur in youth athletics.

The platform is meant for the children that participate in local athletics; however, their parents, fans, and coaches may benefit from the services provided. Included in the site are professionally written articles about local sports coupled with extensive video and photos of prior events. The setup allows alumni of the local sports to look back and re-live some of their own memories through the posted content. In fact, Joey Dorsey can reminisce about the old days when he led his highschool team to an undefeated record much like this year’s Memphis Tigers. Think he was still missing about half his free throws back then? provides you the video to see for yourself.

My favorite aspect about the site is that the executives are committed to only displaying positive stories, photos, and videos. If you subscribe to’s general feed you will notice that at least half of the stories deal with a guy holding out of practice, a drug bust, or Chris Henry. won’t cover any of those issues. Twenty high school athletic conferences representing 350 schools are currently examined and 2,500 pieces of original content are produced per month. Join now and see what the site has to offer.

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