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Hoop Dreams: The Next Big Cartoon!

The most exciting and promising project that I have been involved with as a sports marketing agent for Terrell White is Hoop Dreams. And no folks, I’m not talking about the 1994 documentary film about William Gates and Arthur Agee.

The new Hoop Dreams is an animated cartoon that stars a group of kids, in which the main character, T, is a young basketball player who is determined to use his talents as a way out of the “hard” life. While T showcases his basketball skills in the neighborhood, he also strives to overcome the many obstacles of adolescence and never loses sight of the importance of maintaining good grades in school, avoiding fights, and falling temptation to easy money and gifts.

Terrell White, along with his partners Kevin Palmer and Michael Estrada, created the cartoon to give hope and reassurance to underprivileged kids who feel like there is no end to the struggle of living in the “ghetto.” At the same time, the cartoon gives guidance and courage to people to face their struggles of growing up and it brings humor to bad situations for those who are surrounded by so much negativity.

Hoop Dreams will keep you on the edge of your seat with laughter and real life situational events for the everyday person. This cartoon presents the full package with flashy animation and amazing one of a kind character designs, an inspirational storyline, and a comical script with allusions to pop culture.

The production of the first season is well underway and I am seeking sponsors for the cartoon trailer on behalf of the creators of Hoop Dreams. For businesses, sports agents, or professional athletes, this would be an incredible opportunity to align yourself with a cartoon that has an uplifting message, top-notch creativity, and the potential to make it big. If you are interested in a sponsorship opportunity with Hoop Dreams, or inquiring about Terrell’s services, please contact Matthew Allinson at

Parents of younger children may want to take a look at videos for babies on YouTube to keep them entertained.

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