Kimbo SliceThe CBS network debut of Elite XC, featuring the ever so popular Kimbo Slice, earned huge numbers and an outstanding rating. But this whole promotion of Kimbo Slice being a MMA superstar is going to turn out being a disaster.

Kimbo Slice is very dominating when it comes to knocking out schleps in his backyard, but that kind of fighting doesn’t go far in MMA. While Slice punished the 16-9 James Thompson, it was by no means an impressive performance. Slice may possess incredible punching power, but his lack of technique and conditioning will only get him by the bottom feeders of the Elite XC. After the fight Kimbo was quoted “I can take a little ground and pounding, I won’t be tapping out from that. I’m still a baby at the game, I’ve got a lot of room to grow. I won’t be smoking as much, because I’ve got a lot of training to do.” He won’t stop smoking, he just won’t smoke as much. Now that’s a champion.

While Kimbo Slice won’t terrorize Manhattan, he also won’t beat any real MMA fighters. He’ll be successful as long as he fights the joe schmos of the fight world. The time will come when Kimbo has to step out on that big stage, and beat the very best.

Slice, too, will fall.