We recently had a deep discussion over whether the NBA Rookie Salary Scale is bad. Commentators seemed to believe that it is actually a good thing that the scale is in place and that the NFL should mirror it as soon as possible. But what about the MLB? Would it make sense to mandate slotting values, and if so, how deep into the draft? The whole shabang is 50 rounds in length! There are also a myriad of factors that go into the price tag of a player other than the specific overall pick number that gets associated with his name. An example would be the difference in valuation between a high school player and a fifth year college senior.

The Milwaukee Brewers cannot afford to spend as much as the Yankees and Tigers when it comes to signing bonuses. No argument there. The players do not seem to care, though, and since baseball has the strongest union (at least in my opinion), I doubt that the owners are able to implement any bonus ceilings when discussions begin concerning the signing of a new collective bargaining agreement. Even if the owners were able to lay a strong hand down and force the union into accepting a type of salary scale, do you think it would be a positive measure?