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Questions About Lara And Representing Baseball Players

Some good questions were asked by new commentator, I want to be an agent too.  I figured I would answer them here instead of in an email.  The questions are in italics with my answers in plain font.

Maybe a post about how Lara got to where he is at, decided to accept a signing bonus (could he have went back to school?, what type of bonus, tuition did the team give him?)

Robert Lara is a 6’2 205 lbs pitcher out of University of Central Florida.  He was selected in the 19th round by the San Diego Padres this year is currently playing for the Arizona League affiliate.  He graduated from Nova High School, which is the same school that I went to.  At Nova, Lara led the school to a state title in 2005, a team that was ranked No. 1 nationally in the final USA Today poll.  He was drafted in the 17th round of the 2005 MLB Draft by the Minnesota Twins, but opted to decline signing and spent a couple of years playing at LSU before transferring to UCF for his junior year.

[Why he] decided to hire you (what is he looking for in an agent, how many agents did he meet with)?

I cannot speak for Robert, but through our many conversations, I believe that trust had a lot to do with it.  He was happy with my upfront approach and that I refused to promise him anything that I could not necessarily deliver upon.  We both graduated from the same high school and have a lot of friends in common.  He told me that he was in conversation with a few other agencies, but in the end, he decided to choose Dynasty, and I am very grateful for that.

What your job will be now and in the future (what level of management at the Padres do you talk to, about what types of things)

At this point, I told Robert that we will begin to develop his brand and his fan base (click here to become a fan of Lara on Facebook!).  We will start creating an online identity.  When he moves up the ranks, he will have an advantage over his peers in that he will be very marketable.  He is also a good looking kid with a brain on his shoulders, which always helps.  Additionally, we started conversation with the decision makers in the Padres organization.  I have put in an email with the GM of a Padres class A affiliate to let him know about our representation of Lara and that we hope for a successful future.

How often [do] you talk to Lara?

Whether through text or a phone call, Lara and I have spoken almost every single day since he signed.  I tell all of my clients that they can reach my by phone or email at any time.  They do not only get access to a baseball agent, but direct access to the CEO of the company that represents them.

The process of trying to get a glove and shoe deal (is he going to bat in minors, batting gloves, wristbands, etc), what types of deals to companies offer a 19th round pick, about how much money you think you will have to invest in bats and other equipment

Good question.  We sent some messages to various equipment companies yesterday and are anxiously awaiting a response.  It may take a little longer than normal due to the long weekend (most people even took today off).  If no deal is forthcoming, then we will gladly pony up the expense in supplying Robert with whatever he needs, much like we have done for Dan Leatherman.  Daily players are more expensive to maintain than pitchers.

When do most agents recoup this money?

They don’t.  An agent has two opportunities to make money on the player’s contract.  Once, when the player signs with the team and gets a signing bonus.  We were not Lara’s advisor at the time, so we received no cut.  The other time is when Lara makes the 40-man roster.  If a player never makes it up that far, then the agent may very well lose his investment.  We can also make an income off of endorsement/appearance/marketing deals that we procure for Robert in the future.

About how long does it take others in the Padres organization to move from on A to the other AAs?

Impossible to answer.  Too many variables.  Everyone is different and management treats players differently whether there is a reason for that or not.

And why it is so special that you guys stay true to your colors?

It was a figure of speech.  Lara and I both used to show our green and gold pride as students at Nova High School (school colors).  We are once again united under the green and gold of Dynasty.

By Darren Heitner

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